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Treat is an open platform for creators to curate their adult content as NFTs.

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Buy and sell Treat NFTs on our brand new Resale Marketplace, built by us. Find exclusive Treat of the Week content from our expansive catalog of creators as well as purchasing content from our open creator marketplace: The Sweet Shop.

Treat of
the Week

Our Treat of the Week is a curated showcase of creators which are chosen by either TreatDAO or the community.

We assist the chosen creators to have a unique set of content exclusive to TreatDAO and only available to purchase for one week. We feature the Treat of the Week on our homepage as well as all of our social media accounts.

To apply to become a creator or to be considered for Treat of the Week, please use the button below


Current Treat of the Week NFTs

“Below is our current Treat of the Week creator(s) NFTs available for purchase. To view previous creators and purchase their content, please visit our Resale Marketplace