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Buy and sell NFTs by TreatDAO content creators and resellers.

Lots of new features

The new TreatDAO NFTs platform brings a lot of new features to enhance your browsing experience.

Eye candy

Choose your theme from not only dark and light mode, but also including the OG Pink theme.

NFT Bridge

We have made it possible for you to bridge your NFTs from Binance Smartchain to the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Image editing tools

Now you can edit your NFT images on the platform, with features such as filters, color correction and cropping with multiple templates preconfigured.

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Meet our content creators, giving you your daily dose of spicy content.

Going multichain

Now you can bridge your TreatDAO NFTs to Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Frequently asked questions

Common things you need to know about TreatDAO and the NFT marketplace

What is an NFT?

An NFT, also known as a non-fungible token is a record of proof of ownership of a digital asset.

How do I buy BNB or $TREAT?

You can buy BNB or $TREAT directly from this website. Visit this link to buy crypto easily, powered by our friends at https://flooz.trade.

Can I become a creator?

Anyone above the legal age can become a creator. We require all creators to perform identity verification to guard against exploitation and misuse, we also restrict people from creating multiple creator profiles.

Which blockchain is supported

The TreatDAO NFT platform is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain, however we fully support bridging NFTs bought on the platform, to the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks.