Maybe it's time to treat yourself...
Treat is an exclusive platform for models to sell NFTs. Hold $TREAT to have a say on which models are chosen & new platform features.
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Buy and sell Treat NFTs on the brand new offical Treat creator marketplace. Find exclusive Treat of the Weeks that are no longer available for minting on the resale marketplace.

Treat of
the Week

"Treat of the Week" is the name we give to a featured creator from TreatDAO once a week. We choose a creator and work with them on a series of NFTs, which we feature on the homepage as well as all of our socials.

To apply to become a model on TreatDAO or the “Treat of the Week”, fill in our short form.


Current Treat of the Week NFTs

These are the NFTs from the TOTW drops which are live now. To see previous creations, visit our Marketplace.