As of 5/24/2023

We care about your privacy

1. Introduction.
TreatDAO (“Treat”) respects your privacy which is why we are providing this Privacy Policy (“Agreement”) to let you know how we use, collect, and distribute information that is obtained from you. This, along with any other Agreement on our Site, governs your use and is a binding contract with us. Any information we collect and share is encompassed in this document, unless modified by another agreement. This Site is limited to only those who are the age of 18 and older, and are not from a country that prohibits the viewing of the type of Content found on this Site. By accepting this agreement you agree and acknowledge that you must comply with any and all provisions of 18 U.S.C. 2257, and that our Site is a platform to display content and is not required to keep records under 18 U.S.C. 2257. You agree to abide by any record keeping requirements of 2257, and to furnish any documents to verify any requested identities according to 18 U.S.C. 2257 to us if demanded.

2. Your Information
Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”): Information that you provide during the account registration process is information that we collect. This includes, but is not limited to, your name, email, wallet address, telegram name, username, and more. . This information, when linked to other non-PII may identify you or create a demographic profile of our users. In the event we are required, we may require you to submit any documentation that verifies your identity pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 2257. We will use this information to protect ourselves, and to verify that you are who you say you are. We may provide this information to third party providers who may request it or to law enforcement officials. How do we use PII: We also may monitor or review any messages between you and other members of the Site, or any other interactions that take place over the Site. We use this information to upgrade our Site, contact you about your account, send or receive messages, process transactions, provide customer support, send you periodic communications regarding the Site (which you may not opt out of).We may also use it to provide services to you including, but not limited, to facilitating transactions through wallets like Metamask. We may also use information for detecting securities incidents, and undertake internal research for technological development. Non-Personally Identifiable Information: We also collect certain non-identifiable personal information such as your IP address, browser, OS, and more. We may use this to analyze request and usage patterns and enhance our services.

3. Creating an Account and Account Security
Certain portions of our site are restricted to those who have registered. In creating an account, you will be using a login ID, including a username and/or password to interact with our Service. Do not share this information with anyone, and report any unauthorized use to us immediately. We have the right to terminate any account that we believe is being shared, or violates any provision of this, or other, Agreements. We also reserve the right to monitor your account usage, as well as to determine when you have provided truthful information in creating your account. We use reasonable security measures to protect your information. We also may utilize third party hosting providers to store your information, including any PII, non-PII, or similar.. We may use Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) security to encrypt the order page of our site when you are purchasing a subscription. While we use this security, there is no guarantee that it will also protect sensitive information. In addition, we have may employees or third party agents who review or monitor our Site or Service and therefore they may have access to your information. We may also use third party co-branded websites, or companies that offer their products or services via our Services. Specifically, crypto wallets may provide us with your wallet address and other information.

4. Cookies and other non-identifiable personal information
We may use tracking cookies on our website for the purpose of keeping you logged into your account, save your preferences, keep track of marketing opportunities that we serve you, or improving your interaction with the Site or Service. You must have cookies turned on to use our Site. As a result, the enabling of tracking cookies on your computer is mandatory for using Treat. These cookies, along with any other non-personally identifiable information may be used to allow other members to search the site or to deliver personal messages to you via the Site. Some of this information may be disclosed to third party advertising partners, to other members on the Site that you have communicated with, or for our own internal purposes.

5. How we share and email marketing
We share your information with our service providers, our ancillary businesses and affiliated entities, and in response to requests from law enforcement or regulatory agencies.

6. Transfers, Third Party Data Storage & Disclosure
Our Site is accessible in many countries, so by virtue of you signing up and agreeing to these Terms you consent to having your information transferred from your computer to our Servers and then to any other computer that may be connected to our network. We work hard to protect the security of your personal information, and we utilize others to help us accomplish that goal. This means your information is stored on servers that are not in our office, and are instead hosted with third party hosting providers. These third parties may have access to our servers in order to repair, maintain, or improve our servers. Information that you provide to us during the course of your relationship with our Site is stored on these servers. In addition, we may store other information on other Sites for marketing purposes. By deleting your account you understand that we may remove any information we have stored about you, however we may keep some data stored for archive or legal purposes.

7. Legal Disclosures
We may disclose your personal information if we believe it is reasonable to do so in order to protect persons or property, assist law enforcement in an investigation into allegations of illegal activity, or protect the rights of third parties, such as people whose intellectual property has been infringed on. We comply with court orders or legal proceedings that are properly served on us.

8. Sale or Merger
We may disclose, transfer, or provide your personal information if we, or a parent company, is sold, transferred, or assigned or any part of the business is sold, transferred, or assigned.

9. Changes to This Policy
We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our “Privacy Policy” page frequently to ensure that you are aware of the current version in effect. We may also e-mail you to notify of changes, though we are not required to do so. The fact that you were not notified by e-mail of a change in the Privacy Policy will not affect the validity of that change, so you should be sure to check the Privacy Policy each time that you use our service.

10. Misc.
When you cancel or terminate your account you will cease to have access to the Site, and we will attempt to remove any information about you. However, certain information may be available that is cached, or that a part of any interaction you had with any other member of the Site. We may also retain certain information for our protection. Should you wish to remove your account entirely, please contact us at with your request. Please allow a reasonable amount of time in order to remove such information, but we work to accomplish the complete removal within thirty (30) days.